Diverse options for transporting goods vertically
As a lifts manufacturer and specialist, we develop advanced solutions for conveying goods, cars and passengers in the field of vertical transportation. Our standard and bespoke solutions are used in industry, trade and logistics, as well as by building operators and public sector bodies. Using highly efficient technology, we manufacture elevators that feature a compelling and high level of reliability and which are in demand from a variety of industries.

Overview of product groups

Goods passenger lifts: The choice of products for transporting goods and passengers extends from standard goods passenger lifts (the OLYMPUS series) offering a solid set of basic features to bespoke solutions that accommodate individual requirements and special structural conditions.

Goods lifts: Ideal for transporting goods weighing up to 3000 kg in storage and production facilities - the SHERPA® and ESCORTA® goods lifts can be integrated into existing buildings and rack systems without any problems. The ESCORTA® goods lift has the added benefit of enabling a trained operator to travel with the goods.

Car lifts: Transport cars and drivers safely, quickly and reliably to the desired parking deck with the standard TRAFFICO®, CARRICO® and PEGASOS series of car lifts.

MUVA conveyor: Automated goods transport for added efficiency - combining vertical and horizontal transportation for automatically conveying goods to the desired level. This compact system consists of a lift system and upstream conveyor technology (buffer stations).

Components: Additional components to optimize features, for example, goods passenger, goods and car lifts can be retrofitted with platform stabilization as required.